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Beautiful African Necklaces from Created by Culture

April 02, 2019

Beautiful African Necklaces from Created by Culture

We are excited to announce that our sister company has just launched online - Created by Culture

Following the same ethical principles of fair trade and sustainable fashion, Created by Culture is proud to showcase the crafts and traditions that have been part of Ghanaian culture for centuries. And in doing so, are able to support and sustain a small team of local Ghanaian artisans who are passionate about sharing their craft and culture with the world.

Just like Adinkra Designs, every item has been handcrafted. And as a result, each item supports a real individual behind it all. Nothing is mass produced. Nothing is factory made. Just real people who love what they do. 

african glass bead necklace

Created by Culture has designed a range of beautiful necklaces and headbands. 
Each necklace is made using glass beads that have been meticulously hand made from recycled glass bottles. The glass bottles are broken and grind down into a fine sand, then natural colouring is added to create intricate designs and finally molded into a round bead shape ready to be strung into a unique necklace.

african necklaces

Alongside these amazing necklaces are Created by Culture's bright pop of colour, headbands. It's all made from authentic African wax print fabric, which is as vibrant and colourful as our culture. It's bold, lively and loud - just like we like it!

african wax print headband

The proceeds of all purchases are ethically shared with the local Ghanaian artisans who make it all possible. From the bead makers, who carefully curate and create each bead, to the seamstresses who design and sew each style, rest assured that every single member of the team is paid well above market, has more financial freedom and well being than ever before, and is nurtured to stay true to their craft and express themselves honestly and creatively.

So while we will continue to focus on growing our home decor range here at Adinkra Designs, we will also be working closely with Created by Culture to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, showcasing the amazing hand work of talented Ghanaian artisans. We are very excited by our new partnership and cannot wait to bring you the amazing designs in the pipeline!

Follow Created by Culture for future updates on their sustainable fashion journey:

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