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African Wall Baskets - Zulu 13

This range of African wall decor is handwoven by the women in Zulu, South Africa, made using Illala palm and grass fibres. All colours in these African woven baskets are natural, obtained from boiling roots, leaves, berries and bark of indigenous flora giving an assortment of rich earthy brown, black and cream tones. 

These Zulu baskets are a saucer-shaped bowl traditionally used as a platter for serving dried foodstuffs, as well as used upside down to function as a lid or cover for traditional Zulu clay beer pots. When not in use it is hung up on the wall of the hut as part of the décor. 

This African wall basket is approx 40 - 42cm in diameter.

If you are looking for unique wall décor then these African wall hangings are right on trend. A group of African baskets together creates a real statement look.

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