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African Wall Baskets - Burkinabe Basket 7

These African wall baskets or table mats, have been handcrafted in Burkina Faso, a landlocked nation located in western Africa to the north of Ghana. Common agricultural crops include sesame, peanuts, and cotton. Primary industries in Burkina Faso include agricultural processing and soap. The land is a savanna, and the country is home to a tropical climate.

These baskets are hand woven from dyed raffia (from a type of palm leaf) woven around a coil of banana leaf stems. The natural dyes come from flowers, roots, and leaves grown by the weavers themselves to achieve the reddish, tan and black colours that are a hallmark of these woven baskets.

These African wall baskets range in size, approx 33-35cm in diameter. 

African baskets are truly special wall décor pieces to treasure and hang proudly on the wall in your home or use as décor for the table.

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