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Ohene Keepsake Doll - Mensah

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“Ohemaa” (oh-hem-mah) means Queen and "Ohene" (Oh-hen-neh) means King in Twi – one of many languages widely spoken in Ghana.

Our collection of handmade African dolls are named this because every child deserves to feel like a King or Queen. Every child deserves to see their image represented within the toys they play with, the storybooks they read or the shows they see on the screen. It shouldn’t be a challenge to find toys and resources that represent our children. 

Learning through play is a great part of childhood and providing children with toys and books from a mixture of cultures is a great way to promote understanding and to learn about our rich, diverse world. We want to bring the beauty of Africa to the playroom and together we can inspire change.

Our keepsake dolls have been meticulously handmade here in Ghana. Many hands have contributed from design, through to selecting fabrics, through to sourcing materials, constructing the hair, hand sewing the doll and outfits, hand painting the face – it’s a team effort with lots of love put into each doll. We hope you will cherish them as much as we have enjoyed working on each individual doll!

Doll height: 30cm (not including hair!)

Dolls outfit may vary from product photos slightly due to fabric placement.

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