Planter Basket - Natural - Medium

Plant baskets or planters, are a great way to create a feature out of your plants. Indoor plants are on trend for interior styling, they add a tranquil feel to your home and with our planters, and you can disguise plain plastic pots behind a beautiful basket, handmade by our basket weavers in Ghana.  

Whether you have a green thumb or prefer low maintenance artificial plants, making a feature of your greenery indoors is easy with our planter baskets. 

Available in two sizes:
Medium – will hold most average sized pots – 30cm in diameter, 19cm height.
Large – very spacious and can hold large pots or try multiple succulent plants – 37cm in diameter, 23cm height.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of these baskets, dimensions can vary and the above dimensions are an approximation only. If you require a basket with specific dimensions, please contact us and we can check our stock to find one to meet your needs. 

Not keen on green? Then use these open round baskets for storage in the home instead! Using as a planter us a suggested use, all of our baskets are multi-purpose and their uses are limitless. 

Not recommended for outdoor use.

About Bolga Baskets

Our genuine Bolga baskets are exclusively woven by the indigenous Frafra people of Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana. For many generations, weaving has been a traditional skill. Elephant grass, which grows in abundance in this region, is harvested seasonally, prepared to produce a strong fibre that is dyed using traditional plant and non-toxic fabric dyes to produce an array of vibrant colours. Our baskets are double woven to produce strong, flexible and durable products. Click below for further information on the materials used and how our Bolga baskets are made.

About Bolga Baskets

Product Care Instructions

Bolga Baskets can be cleaned using water. We do not recommend the use of soaps or cleaning product as this can affect the dyes used on the product. Baskets can get out of shape during their travels and this can be easily fixed. Simply soak the basket in water and reshape while the basket is damp. Dry in natural sunlight. 

Care Instructions

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