Tales from African Dreamtime - Children's Book

From the wild plains of Sudan to a village in Cameroon, this collection of stories gathers folk tales from many different African traditions. Vibrant colour illustrations accompany more than forty stories told in a lively, conversational style. Discover how human beings lost their tail; puzzle over riddles; and meet a variety of animals, from a lazy rabbit to a wicked leopard.

These magical tales are ideal for reading aloud at bedtime for younger children and for older children to read to themselves.

The Author, Magdalene Sacranie first visited Malawi as a physiotherapist with VSO in 1969. There she met her future husband, Aziz, and after various moves, they settled in Scotland, where they still live today. But with half of the Sacranie family in Malawi, links with the country have remained strong, and Magdalene has been heavily involved with fundraising for the Children’s Fund of Malawi. Sale of Tales from African Dreamtime helps raise money for the charity.

Number of pages: 96 pages

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