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Baby Moses Basket - Natural Open Weave / Black Leather Handles

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What’s included? Baby basket and Anti-Microbial mattress.

Bundle and save: Add a wooden rocking stand for only $75.

Lightweight and portable: Customers love the ease in which you can move baby baskets around the house, allowing you to keep baby close to you at all times.

Cosy and comforting: Providing an ideal sleeping environment during those first few months, some babies might find the smaller size of the moses basket comforting and more secure in comparison to a larger cot. When it comes time to transition baby into a cot, a moses basket can be placed within the cot to help with this transition process.

Durable and long lasting: Our baby baskets are made using a firm straw material for greater durability and structural integrity. The handles are strong and firm so no risk of loose straps presenting potential risks to baby. 

Natural and ethically made: Made from sustainably grown elephant grass, naturally dried in the hot sun in Ghana, free from plastics and no nasty chemicals. Ethically made by our very own team of skillful weavers in Accra, Ghana who receive 100% profit from every basket made. No mass produced, factory made products here!

Anti-Microbial mattress included, valued at $43.95: Our baby moses basket mattresses are made from superior quality foam at the appropriate density for newborn babies to provide ultimate comfort and protection. The foam has been treated with Purify Anti-Microbial or Perma-Guard. These environmentally sound processes provide long lasting protection against microbes, bacteria, dust mites, mould and mildew.

Age Suitability: Newborn to Approximately 6 months (9 kg). (Once baby has started to roll and become more mobile it is recommended to upgrade them to a cot)

Sizing: Basket measurements may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the product but on average will measure approx. 75-80 cm length x 38 cm width x 28 cm height, making our baby baskets some of the largest on the market.

Important Note: the Moses baskets are not designed to be a carrying device and for safety reasons we do not recommend using the product in this capacity. The intended use of the Moses basket is for the baby to sleep or lay still. Always read the safety instructions provided with our Moses baskets for guidelines on usage. Do not use this product when baby begins to push up on their hands and knees or has reached maximum weight of 9kgs, whichever comes first. Discontinue use of the basket before your baby can sit up by itself.

Shipping: Due to the size and volumetric weight of this product, a bulk rate delivery charge is required as it cost carriers more to deliver. See guideline below for delivery cost estimates however the good news is that we cap shipping at $55 even for bulk sized products.

Metropolitan Areas:
Standard delivery $20
Large order delivery approx $45
Delivery timeframe Within 3-5 business days

Regional and Regional Areas:
Standard delivery $25
Large order delivery approx. $55
Delivery timeframe Within 7-14 business days

Still have questions? Please refer to our shipping policy for more information or feel free to contact us.

See our baby moses basket FAQs and safety information.

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Here at Adinkra Designs, we bring you genuine hand crafted arts from Africa. Our products are made by skilful hands that know the meaning of hard work. Our products are not made by machines, mass-produced and cut to precision. Here you will see that no two products are ever truly the same.

There will be imperfections, but we accept this as part of the individual beauty and character of the item. You are not just buying an item made in Africa, you are taking home a piece of Africa and your product has journeyed far! Enjoy it’s beauty for all it’s flaws and be proud to know your purchase has made an impact on someone’s life. Click below for further information about our products, how they are made and materials used.

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Bolga Baskets can be cleaned using water. We do not recommend the use of soaps or cleaning product as this can affect the dyes used on the product. Baskets can get out of shape during their travels and this can be easily fixed. Simply soak the basket in water and reshape while the basket is damp. Dry in natural sunlight. 

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