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Baby Moses Basket FAQ's

Do I need a Moses basket? 

Moses baskets are ideal for their lightweight and portability. They can easily be moved from room to room to keep your baby close to you at all times. Room sharing reduces the risk of SIDs and fatal sleep accidents during day-time and night-time sleeps. Some babies might find the smaller size of the moses basket comforting and more secure in comparison to a larger cot. When it comes time to transition baby into a cot, a moses basket can be placed within the cot to help with this transition process. 

When deciding between a bassinet, moses basket and cot, you might find our comparison article here listing out the benefits helpful. 

What materials are used to make Adinkra Design’s Moses baskets? 

Our baskets are made from sustainable, natural materials free from any nasty chemicals, making them suitable for newborn babies. Our baskets are made from elephant grass that is harvested seasonally, dried out and twisted to make a strong and hardy straw twine. Moses baskets are double woven for extra durability, resulting in a basket that is much more durable than those made from paper or palm leaf. Our moses baskets are hand-woven using a traditional method of basket weaving passed through generations in Bolgatanga, Ghana. The method used to produce our moses baskets uses a weaving technique designed to ensure the structural integrity of the basket. The process follows an intricate interlocking of straw pieces, with the ends of each piece trimmed as close as possible to the basket. The handles are covered in leather from goats. You can read more about our woven baskets here. 

What is the purpose of a Moses Basket? 

Moses baskets are intended as sleeping aids for a newborn baby. The smaller size of the moses basket, compared to a cot, can be comforting to a newborn baby. The design of a moses basket allows you to keep baby close to you at all times. These factors can contribute towards a safe and secure sleeping environment for baby.

The Red Nose (SIDs) website advises that swaddling (also known as wrapping) a newborn baby can help baby to settle and stay asleep as it reduces crying time and episodes of waking. New babies have involuntary arm reflexes that cause them to be startled and wake up. Swaddling secures baby arms under the baby wrap therefore allowing your baby a more restful sleep. Swaddling has also been shown to provide stability, which may help to keep babies in the recommended back position while sleeping. It has certainly proven to be a useful method of settling our three children when they were babies and we recommend swaddling your baby when placing them to sleep in their moses basket.

Swaddling together with a Moses basket can result in a more restful sleep for your newborn baby. The SIDs website has guidelines for safely wrap/swaddle your baby. It is recommended to discontinue wrapping your baby as soon as they are able to roll over by themselves. This is when we also recommend you discontinuing using a Moses Basket as a sleeping device.

What colour are the basket handles?

We get an assortment of colours that range from tan, black, brown, black and cream. The tan is more of a reddish tan. 

What colours are available in the baskets? 

The straws used to make the baskets are dyed using a combination of naturally occurring dyes and non-toxic dyes. This allows us to produce an array of vibrant colours and lush earthy tones. Black is often a challenging colour to produce using traditional dying methods, it is produced by using a mixture of dyes however at times during the drying process, the colour may change to more of a dark indigo/navy colour. This results in a mixture of baskets being black and some navy. Please contact us if you have a specific colour request and we will do our best to source this for you. 

Do you do custom orders?

Due to the high volume of Moses baskets we produce, we are currently unable to take on custom orders. However, in saying this, we may have designs that are close to what you are looking for so if you are after something specific, please contact us to discuss and we will do our best to assist with your request. 

Are Adinkra Designs Moses baskets fumigated? 

Australia has strict Biosecurity requirements for straw products entering Australia and for good reason, it is so very important to protect our fauna and flora. Adinkra Designs adheres to all of the Quarantine requirements and rest assured this does not involve any harmful chemical treatments. A dry heat treatment is conducted upon arrival in Australia by an approved treatment provider under the Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme.

Where can I find Moses basket stands? 

Please see our article for the latest recommendations on moses basket stands. 

Where can I find Moses basket mattresses?

We sell mattresses that have been made to fit your Adinkra Designs Moses basket. Mattresses are available here. 

Are Baby Moses Baskets safe? 

We provide guidelines with our moses baskets on the recommended usage and safety precautions. Please refer to our article on Baby Moses Basket Safety for further information. 

How long will I use the Moses basket for? 

Baby Moses baskets are ideal for the newborn stage of baby’s life. Each baby is different and will grow at different rates. We recommend usage up until the baby reaches 9kg or can sit up/roll over on it’s own. Generally a baby will outgrow the baby Moses basket between the age of 4-6 months. 

Are your Moses baskets fair trade? 

You won’t find any mass produced, factory made products here at Adinkra Designs! All of our baskets are handmade and we work directly with a select team of artisans based in Bolgatanga, Ghana so that we can not only ensure the consistent quality of our baskets but to also ensure that our team is paid fairly and work within an ethical standard. Our team receives a steady weekly wage that provides income security, more than what they would receive by selling their baskets through the market process. We are proud members of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand and follow the 10 principles of Fair Trade in all that we do. Please refer to our article on Fair Trade for further information. 

Not only do we adhere to the 10 principles of Fair Trade as a business practice, but we also find it important to provide support to the extended communities that we work with. This is why we developed The Adinkra Project, to support the charitable organizations doing important work for the education of Ghana’s children. Every purchase made with Adinkra Designs, will help us to feed, cloth or educate more Ghanaian children. A cause very dear to our hearts as today’s child is tomorrow’s future.

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