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Bassinet, Cradle, Moses Basket, Cot - Which is Best?

September 18, 2017

Bassinet, Cradle, Moses Basket, Cot - Which is Best?

Deciding what to buy for your newborn baby can be overwhelming. It is easy to get carried away as we just want to be well prepared and be the best parents we can be! We get it, we’ve been there. 

New babies sleep a lot, so one of the first choices we are faced with is where should they sleep? So we walk into our local baby store or start researching online only to be faced with so many options: bassinets, cradles, baby moses baskets, co sleepers, cots....which is best?

Well it really comes down to personal preference, space in your home and affordability. We've put together a table to compare and hope it helps you make the right choice for you and your circumstances.

We have compared Bassinet, Cradle, Moses Baskets and Cots. (We've grouped bassinets and cradles together, for ease of comparison, as there is not much difference between the two).

 Factor Cot Bassinet/Cradle Moses Basket
Photo baby crib baby bassinet

L 142cm x W 83cm x H 99cm

(Size can vary by manufacturer, we have used dimensions from a standard Boori cot)

L 84cm x W 51cm x H 80cm

(Size can vary by manufacturer, we have used dimensions from a standard Boori bassinet)

L 83cm x W 40cm x H 30cm

(Size can vary by manufacturer, we have used dimensions based on our Moses baskets, not inc stand)


Usually made from solid timber so very durable and can last for more than one child. Materials can vary from plastic, timber, fabrics, metals, wicker and durability will vary based on product.

Materials vary from paper, maize, dried straw. We cannot make claims on durability of paper based baskets. Our baskets use double woven dried straw for durability and strength and can be used for more than one child.

Moses baskets tend to be produced from sustainable and eco friendly materials which might be preferred by the eco conscious consumer.

Country of Manufacture Europe or China Europe or China

Wicker, paper and corn husk based baskets tend to be mass produced in China. 

Our moses baskets are handmade, under fair trade principles, in Ghana.

Safe Sleeping Guidelines
  • Red Nose recommends sleeping with a baby in a cot next to the parents’ bed for the first six to twelve months of life.[1].
  • Make sure that the cot you purchase adheres to the AU/NZ Mandatory Standards for Household Cots.
  • Because of the size of the cot, you need to ensure the baby's feet are placed at the bottom of the cot.
  • Some bassinets and cradles comes with a lot of frills and excessive bedding which can pose a breathability or asphyxiation hazard. 
  • Safety standards vary greatly so it is advisable to do considerable research into this when selecting a bassinet.
  • Look for a bassinet with a sturdy base.
  • It is best to avoid linings or excess bedding that may restrict air flow.
  • Refer to Red Nose guidelines[2].
  • When selecting moses baskets, consider durability of materials used and that they allow for decent air flow.
  • Look at the construction of the handles, ensure they are strong and will not flop inside the basket and pose a strangulation risk.
  • (We do not recommend you carry your baby in the basket, the basket should be moved without the baby inside)
  • Always look for sturdy frames that fit your basket securely.
  • If you do not purchase a stand for your moses basket, keep basket on the ground to avoid tipping or falls.
  • It is best to avoid linings or excess bedding that may restrict air flow.
Recommended Usage Generally from newborn to 2-3 years of age. Some cots change into toddler beds which allow for greater usage. When you decide to transition from cot to bed is really personal preference. From newborn to 4-6 months of age/9kgs. As soon as baby can sit up or roll, you must discontinue use.

From newborn to 4-6 months of age/9kgs. As soon as baby can sit up or roll, you must discontinue use.

As the moses basket is not fixed in it's stand, the moses basket can be placed inside the cot to ease the transition between moses basket and cot.

Portability Due to size and heavy nature of a cot, it lacks in portability.

This can vary by product. Most bassinets are fixed to their stands.

Some stands are on wheels making it useful to move from room to room.

Moses baskets are not fixed to their stands so they can be easily moved from room to room or taken elsewhere. We've had feedback that this is one of the most valued features about a moses basket - they can be taken on holidays, to grandparents house, friends, even to the beach!

Storage Takes up a lot of storage space.
Takes up a lot of storage space.

Can be used for alternate means once the baby outgrows it such as toy storage etc.


What about Co-Sleepers?

which bed is best for baby

Co-sleepers are quite new to the market and becoming a popular choice given safe sleep guidelines recommend baby shares a room with you for the first months. They tend to be the same size as a bassinet and fixed on a stand. They have a side that drops down so you can fix the bassinet to the side of your bed. Having baby so close would be helpful for those recovering from a difficult birth, it's convenient for breastfeeding. Be cautious not to allow any of your bedding to fall inside the bassinet. There are no mandatory safety standards for co sleepers at this stage so common sense needs to be used when selecting which is right for you and be aware of any risks involved and make yourself aware of any brands recalled [3].

In summary, your choice will come down to your own individual preferences and circumstances.

If you decide to share a room with baby, due to space limitations, the cot may stay in the nursery until needed and you will need to decide between a bassinet or moses basket so baby can sleep in your room. A bassinet or moses basket will provide a more secure, cosy sleep environment when compared to a cot.

Your lifestyle and circumstances may influence your choice between a bassinet or moses basket. If you like to travel or baby will be cared for by grandparents, you like to visit friends, go to the beach or picnic, then a moses basket might be the best choice for you based on the portability factor. If you have a busy toddler to content with along with a newborn on the way, you might prefer the moses basket as it allows you to keep your newborn close wherever you are in the house, while keeping an eye on your toddler on the go.

Always keep up to date with the latest safe sleeping guidelines.

We hope this article has helped take away some of the confusion and assists you in making the best choice for you in what will be the best sleeping solution for baby.

If you have any questions on our products or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Useful References:

[1] https://rednose.com.au/article/roomsharing

[2] https://rednose.com.au/article/bassinettes

[3] http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/babies/still-a-danger-mums-tragic-warning-about-the-bassinet-her-baby-died-in/news-story/004ac2f2c32a02f48aa7eccf6b429af0

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