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Basket Care Instructions

Basket Care Instructions

Shaping or Reshaping Your Basket

If you have selected to shape your own basket upon its arrival, follow the below instructions:

Simply soak the basket in water for a few seconds or use a spray bottle. You will begin to feel that the grass becomes malleable and flexible. See Youtube link for more info:

While the basket is still damp you can shape or reshape.

For best results, dry in natural sunlight but if weather does not permit then in front of a heater is your next best option.

Cleaning and maintaining your Basket

Baskets can be cleaned using luke warm water. Lightly wipe down using a clean damp cloth. We do not recommend the use of soaps or cleaning products on the straw as this can affect the dyes used on the product.  

Leather Care

It is important to follow the following steps to maintain the quality of the leather used on your product:

Regularly wipe down leather with a leather conditioner, balm or wax (beeswax and castor oil are a good natural easy DIY home conditioner). We recommend to condition your leather monthly.

Always store leather products in a cool, dry place with plenty of air flow. 

Leather is an organic material that is prone to mold growth when stored in an area with restricted air flow and high in humidity. Regularly inspect your leather products and clean at the first signs of any mold growth (white vinegar, coconut oil, clove essential oil, orange essential oil are a good natural easy DIY home leather cleaner). After cleaning, always condition the leather to avoid drying and cracking.

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