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Thank you for considering to donate to our cause.

Please select your donation amount from the drop down menu. Your donation will go directly towards providing funding and resources to our youth centres in Ghana that provides quality education to children in underserved communities. Funds cover teacher salaries, equipment, books, resources and expenses such as electricity, internet and so forth. 100% of your donation goes direct to the assisting us to operate the youth centres.

It is also important for children to feel represented in the books and toys that they play with. This helps children to feel empowered and boosts confidence. We aim to provide books and dolls to as many children in Ghana as we can. Please select book or doll from the drop down if you would like to donate one and we will organise for it to be given to children in Ghana.

More information about what we do and how you can help, can be found on our Adinkra Project page.

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