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Baby Moses Basket Stands and Accessories

June 12, 2020 1 Comment

Baby Moses Basket Stands and Accessories

One of the most common questions we get asked about regarding our Moses baskets is ~what sheets and stand will be the best fit?

We decided to put together this list of recommended products. They compliment your Moses basket and hopefully Bub has the ultimate in comfort (aiming for the ultimate sleep!).


Baby Moses Basket Stand 


Our Moses basket stands are made from New Zealand pine and built in a sturdy frame with adjustable retaining bars to hold your basket securely. Our Moses basket stands feature a curved base to provide a rocking function. The stands rock from head to toe, which may assist in settling your baby to sleep.

The stands are fitted with stoppers that can be used to stabilise the stand and fix in a stationery position when you no longer want the stand to rock. A handy feature particularly to prevent curious older siblings from any over zealous rocking! Available in 3 colours, find out more about our Moses basket stands here. Click on the drop down menu within the product for the other three colours.



Cane Baby Moses Basket Stands 

eco-friendly, fair-trade, cane rocking stand

We are excited to reveal that we have a new cane rocking stand for baby Moses baskets in production. We are working with an amazing group of cane craftsman in Ghana and we are just so happy to be able to support a new artisan team.

We will have limited stock available. Drop us an email if you would like to be notified of the expected shipping date to Australia and to go on the waiting list to purchase.



DIY Baby Moses Basket Stand


We came across an American DIY blog website that is full of inspirational DIY projects with easy to follow instructions and videos to show steps. They have DIY steps to making your own Baby Moses Basket Stand. And it looks fantastic! Keep in mind, dimensions and measurements are in the US system so you will need to convert to AU metric system. Apart from that it looks fairly straight forward to follow so why not give it a go - get Hubby onto it! Instructions can be found here.



Fitted Bassinet Sheets 


Our fitted bassinet sheets have been custom made to fit our mattresses, using beautiful Ankara fabrics from Ghana. Suitable for either our baby moses basket or changing baskets.

Ankara fabrics are 100% cotton with vibrant wax print patterns iconic to Africa. We have hand selected fabrics that will make a real statement in the baby nursery. We have selected fabric designs that are suitable for either gender. Find out more about our fitted bassinet sheets here.

  Fair-trade bassinet sheets made in Ghana

Mattress Protector for Moses Baskets and Changing Baskets


This mattress protector features a waterproof and breathable membrane for  optimum comfort, ventilation and absorbency to keep your mattress fresh and hygienic for baby. Suitable to fit both our baby moses baskets or changing baskets mattress.

Find out more about our mattress protector for Moses basket/changing basket here.


Baby Moses Basket Mattress



When selecting a moses basket mattress it is important to get the right size dimensions to avoid any gaps on either side that could cause the baby to get caught. There should be no gaps larger than 2cm. Please refer to SIDs website for more information.We have Australian made superior support mattresses available that will fit your Moses basket snuggly. It has been protected with Perma-Guard to prevent microbes, bacteria, dust mites, mould and mildew. Also fits our changing baskets.



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October 27, 2017

Hi, can you tell me if your Moses baskets are made from organic grass and dyes?

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