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Animal Village - Children's Book

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Animal Village is an authentic folk tale from the Zarma culture of West Africa with a lesson to be taught. The animals must work together with determination in order to save the village. When the dry season comes and stays, Chief Zamboha calls a meeting of all the animals to see if anybody has an idea on getting water. Timba remembers the "old stories" of a time without water and what was done to find water. "If the sky will not give us water," says Timba, "we must dig and find water within the earth." As the animals try to dig for water, they get discouraged when water does not show up right away. Timba is run out of the community but does not give up. Finding a dry riverbed, Timba begins to dig again. Will Timba find water? Will Timba share?

Suitable for ages 4 - 8
Number of pages: 34 pages

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