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Baby Moses Basket Liner

Our baby basket liner has been made to line the inside of our baby Moses Baskets. Made from 100% cotton and padded with a soft insert to ensure a snug and comfortable sleep environment for the baby. The baby basket liner slides easily into the basket and can be secured with the Velcro straps that insert and wrap around the rim of the basket.

Our baby basket liner can easily be removed and is machine washable for your convenience.

Dimensions: 75 cm x 32 cm

Available in white.

Note: When purchased with a baby basket, we will attach to your baby basket prior to shipping so you can see how it is fitted on. It is recommended that you remove and wash prior to using. 

How to Attach:

1. Position the liner in the basket so that the vertical stitch line is at the center of the head and feet position, with the raised side at the head to match the basket

2. Line up all the tabs so that the liner is correctly position all the way around.

3. Use a tool such as a screw driver or chopstick to poke through the small slot at the rim of the basket (this slot should already be mostly visible as we would have already created it when we attached the liner initially) 

4. Fold one part of the tab and force it through the slot and join the Velcro. 

5. Repeat the process all the way around.

Note: Due to the handmade nature of the baskets, the liner has been designed to fit the baskets as best as possible. The finished result may vary due to the different shapes and sizes of the baby baskets.


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